Episode 1 – Laughing about unfunny things

Is it OK to make jokes about deadly serious things such as COVID-19? Is there a line you can’t cross? We speak about what we think is acceptable and how our views have changed as we get older. Also, how does having kids affect the jokes we feel are funny?

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  1. Gabi M
    April 13, 2020

    Good chat! I think you hit some good points. For me, it comes down to situation and intent, as you basically said. The whole concept of “too soon”, as in the amount of time after an event before it’s ok to joke about something, falls into that situation category. If you’re in the middle of helping someone with, say, Alzheimer’s, it may not be as funny to you then you as it might years later. Also, people in public listening to music on speaker at the bus stop. Ugh. xx

    • Shervin
      April 14, 2020

      Listening to music on speaker is just the most antisocial thing ever but I guess that’s usually people trying to be rebellious. People on speakerphone are just inconsiderate and give off the “I’m more important than you” vibe.

      Yeah, too soon might be a concept to follow but that’s so subjective too. For some people a joke about COVID-19 is OK because it’s been around for enough weeks while others probably don’t find the crusades funny because not enough time has passed. 🙂

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