The Moments of Non-zen Podcast!

The Moments of Non-Zen podcast is a place for Cliff and Shervin to talk about stuff. Some of the stuff is relevant and current, some of it isn’t, all of the commentary is probably uninformed, one-sided, inane, opiniated, not particularly funny and sometimes downright stupid. “Why should I listen to this shit,” you may ask yourself, and rightly so. The answer is: you shouldn’t. It’s not worth your time. Unless you want to hear about the aforementioned stuff from the perspective of two forty-something dads who like metal, science fiction, technology and above all, our kids.

Shervin hasn’t had it hard in life. Freakishly handsome and with an intellect at genius level his main problem has been the rest of the World and their failure to accept his leadership in all things. Given that, he spends his time building LEGO, doing sports (kickboxing after having retired from Rugby), playing Dungeons & Dragons, engaging in photography, occasionally working and most of all spending time with his family.

Cliff has never starred in any major television events. His furnishings are simple and modest, consisting of strategically placed cardboard boxes and various assemblages of discarded rubbish found in the dumpster at the studio. He lives off of a dangerous blend of noodle snacks and haute cuisine. For exercise, he watches TV, walks aimlessly around the local supermarket and spins around in office chairs until nausea is achieved. To keep his sanity at a respectable distance, he has spent the last several years memorizing dialogue (complete with stage movements) of various animated movies and television shows, which are then recited at inopportune times and places. But — he does own a camera, so everything is at peace with the world.

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